Handling of Personal Information

CLIFF co.ltd. has established the following privacy policy regarding the handling of your personal information for services provided on this website.

Personal Information

Information about a living individual that can be used to identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, or other description contained in such information, as well as information that can be used to identify a specific individual.

Collection of Personal Information

We may ask for personal information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, and bank account number when a customer uses or registers with us. We may also collect transaction records including customers' personal information and information related to payments made between customers and our business partners and other parties from our business partners (carriers, printing companies for sending direct mail, and collection agencies in case of non-payment of merchandise etc., ).

Purposes of Collecting and Using Personal Information

The purposes for which we collect and use personal information are as follows.
1. To provide and operate our services.
2. To process orders, confirm order details, and make changes on behalf of our customers.
3. To respond to inquiries from customers.
4. Use for purposes for which the Company has separately contacted the customer and received individual consent.
5. To contact customers as necessary for maintenance, important notices, etc.
6. To prepare statistical data classified by customer attributes (age, address, etc.).
7. To provide and display information and services to customers, and to allow customers to view, change, delete, and view their own registered information and usage status.
8. Purposes incidental to the above purposes of use.

Safety Management of Personal Information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take reasonable security measures to control access to personal information, limit the means of transporting personal information out of the company, prevent unauthorized access, and prevent leakage, loss, destruction, and falsification of personal information. In the event of an incident involving personal information, including leakage, we will promptly take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties, such as other businesses or individuals, without your permission. However, this does not apply to the following cases.
1. Cases in which the person concerned has consented to the provision of information.
2. Cases in which a public agency such as a government agency requests disclosure of personal information in accordance with laws and regulations.
3. Cases in which personal information is disclosed to business partners related to the operation of this website.
However, in such cases, the information disclosed will be limited to only what is necessary, and the disclosed party will be obligated to manage the personal information by contract or other means.

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a single piece of data that is stored on your hard drive containing information about you. The use of cookies is not linked to any personally identifiable information on our site. If you choose to decline cookies, you may still use our site. Our site uses cookies on the product detail pages and shopping cart. If you reject cookies, the shopping cart will not work. We do not use cookies for unnecessary information gathering purposes. We do not use cookies for any purpose other than to display the cart and the customer's own purchase history. If you wish to make a cart-style purchase, please enable cookie settings in your browser. Some pages on our site use cookies to collect access logs to help improve the usability of the site and to make it more convenient for customers to visit the site again without having to enter their personal information.

Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

Upon your request, you may ask us to disclose, correct, or delete your personal information held by us. If you wish to request disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal information, please contact us. Please note that we will confirm your identity when you do so.

Changes and Notification of Handling of Personal Information

We reserve the right to change the contents of this Privacy Policy without prior notice due to our business needs, the enforcement of new laws and regulations, amendments to existing laws and regulations, or other circumstances. Any changes will be posted on this website and notified. Please check the latest contents of this page when using this website. If you have any requests or questions regarding the handling of personal information, retained personal data, etc., please contact us at the following address.


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