Suede Flower & Bra Top

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Set of removable sheepskin suede flower motif and sheer gauze bra.
Hand-embroidered and painted motif.

Flower motifs are handmade, each piece unique.  Handcrafted look like vintage costumes.

Classical foundation bra with linear 3D bust.  Hooks and eyes back closure.  Elasticized underbelt.  Color-coded ribbon tapes on the edges.  Hand-stitched design around ribbon tapes.     

Size grading is only for bras. Onesize fits all for flower motifs.


Flower Motif_ Sheep Leather×Cow Leather

  Bra_ 100% Polyester


Made in Japan

Style FU-T-TP004


Motif 36cm×36cm
Bra_ Topbust 75cm~77cm / Underbust 67cm~69cm

Motif 36cm×36cm
Bra_ Topbust 78cm~80cm / Underbust 69cm~71cm
Leather goods should only be cleaned by a professional leather specialist.
Bra is hand-washable separately in laundry net after removing the flower motif. Do not tumble dry.