Denim Overall Apron Midi Dress

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I-line apron dress in 10.2 oz. lightweight, sanforized selvedge denim.

Below-the knee length. Shoulder straps hung on back hooks, waist belt fastened at center back with needle buckle. Adjustable length by shoulder strap adjusters.

Large overalls docked front and back, giving the appearance of wearing overall from the front. Back design not  ompletely closed, ideal for layering.


・100% Cotton

  Another Fabric_ 100% Cotton


・Made in Japan
・Style: FU-T-OP002

36 (Kinari) : Length 111cm / Width 81cm
36 (Rigid Indigo) : Length 113cm / Width 82cm
Since metal attachments are used, wash separately in laundry net. Do not tumble dry.
Although it is preshrunk fabric, washing may cause some shrinkage and color transfer. Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent changes in size and texture.